Take a moment to think about what you really need from a yoga class…..

Feet Up 

This class brings the benefits of inversions to you in a safe and fun way.  In a few weeks you will notice how much stronger your body is and have the confidence to go upside down away from the wall.


If your daily life is busy and you need some time out for yourself then consider booking the Freestyle yoga class. Stillness, movement, yin and yang, using breath to deepen your practice, create balance and ending with relaxation.


For those that want to build strength, improve flexibility, balance and posture then the Fitness Yoga class is for you.  This group class works the whole body. (if you have difficulty getting up from the floor then choose the Feet Up class)

Barre Fitness

Mixing yoga, ballet and dance, these fun classes improve posture, build strength, condition and improve mobility.  The music is more lively too!

Not always on the class list but get in touch for availability of 1:1 or small group bookings.

Pre & post natal exercise

For that special time in your life, when your body is changing, these sessions give you some time to prepare the body and relax.

1:1 or book a small group with other mums to be (max 3).




POP UP FRIDAY (60 minute class) – 22nd March 9.30am

Challenge, Barre, Feet up, Freestyle...... What will it be? Class at the home studio, just bring a mat. (max 4)



FEET UP & FREESTYLE (90 minute class) – 4 week block starts Thursday 4th April 2019

Combining Feet Up with yin yoga as we strengthen the body, challenge the mind and reward you with deep relaxation. All abilities welcome (not suitable if you are pregnant, please discuss existing health issues before booking) Class at Walmer Parish hall. Bring a mat and a blanket. (max 12 spaces)



CHALLENGE (Fitness Yoga) 60 minutes class 4 week block starts Monday 1st April 2019 (no class Easter monday)

Warming up the body with a few sun salutations before the main standing mat work, core section, flexibility and relaxation. This class will also be working on inversions for those that are fit to do so. Beginners can join if they are able to get up from the floor easily. Class at Walmer Parish Hall 6.30pm to 7.30pm





1:1 sessions or small group bookings available at Harmony View Studio, Great Mongeham.  Bespoke sessions tailored to your needs.  Gift vouchers available.