When life gives you lemons…

I discovered the joy of Feet Up last November and embarked on a teacher training course in the lovely city of Berlin.  It certainly took me out of my comfort zone, I had never been “upside down” before and here we were straight into it and up!  wow !

This has helped to bring a greater range of inversions “upside down” into my practice and classes and subsequently the benefits also.  My body feels so much stronger as you utilise the core much more using this equipment.

There is more to Feet Up then just the inversions, it can be used to support you in standing positions, to build up core and arm strength and the best way, to have fun!

Why not book on the workshop for a taster?

Feetup yoga – 4 week block – Tuesday 7th April 6.30pm online

If you have your own Feetup, you can now join us for this online Feetup class. Create a safe space to work in next to a wall or in front of your sofa or bed if this is new to you. Move any tables, glass/mirrors out of the way. In addition to the more traditional yoga positions, you will be guided step by step into Feetup. Have the confidence in yourself and believe that you can achieve. A PARQ form will need to be completed for new attendees. Missed sessions are none refundable or transferable.



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